B2B Positioning and Packaging Strategies for Sustained,
High Margin Growth and High Valuation Exits

Hands-on Approach

We start with a hands-on approach. Our in-depth discovery process is designed to gather, document, understand and evaluate your business.

Strategic Precision

A detailed, iterative and collaborative process is then used to develop a bold new strategy, optimize your positioning and set goals.

Actionable Results

A development of custom built tools and processes for your use follows, augmented with training on their use.

B2B positioning and packaging strategies since 2006

Targapoint is a Leading Strategic Consulting Group in the Southeast US

We develop strategies and head start programs for sustained, high-margin growth and competitive differentiation focused on B2B companies in high-tech and healthcare.

Our Mission

  • Foster a culture of learning, proactivity, efficiency and innovation
  • Maximize potential and enable sustainable growth
  • Empower and inspire to independently continue applying acquired strategies to ensure future results

Hands-on Approach

Personalized Discovery

We tailor our approach to fit each organization we engage with. Each is unique, each in a different stage of growth and each with a different set of needs and wants.
We start by identifying the company’s MVPs (not just the executive team), then individually engaging them using our proprietary, field-tested, comprehensive questionnaire. These hard questions yield comprehensive data which, when collected and processed, creates an unbiased view of the company’s operations, goals and culture. Truly understanding the current state of affairs sets the stage for transformative and innovative thinking to emerge. Once the challenges are accurately quantified, the focus shifts on developing the right strategies to overcome them.

Strategic Precision

All Hands on Deck

With precision, foresight and extreme focus, we put in the hard work needed to craft your bold new strategy and positioning.
Backed up by decades of experience, intimate knowledge of the industry and fueled by fresh understanding of your business practices, we engage in an iterative, collaborative process designed to yield innovative solutions and ideas. A joint approach ensures that all angles are examined and all options considered. Through this process new company language emerges, product strategies are developed, positioning is perfected or reinvented, metrics, timelines and goals are agreed upon and company leadership is unified behind a shared set of clearly defined goals.

Actionable Results

Consistency in Execution

Execution of your newly defined strategy can prove an insurmountable task. New skills and a different approach to common tasks will be required from your team.
To help you consistently and professionally present your bigger, bolder company identity and ensure more focused, unified messaging, we deliver tools, solutions and processes specifically designed for your needs. These game-changing deliverables typically include clear messaging, detailed content, a visual style guide, document templates, proposal templates, a modern content management system-based website, PR process and content generation, CRM selection and setup, database purchasing and management, lead generation, report creation and many more. Most importantly, we stick around to help train your team to use these new tools so you feel confident in your ability to reach the finish line.

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